Saturday, March 25, 2006

Focus on Two Young Men of Haïtian Descent

Many times, the main press when reporting the news on Haiti and its people focuses on the negative aspects.  And they generally show images of desolation, famine, hunger, poverty and violence that are supposed to be ravaging that country.

In the meantime, on foreign land, many individuals of Haitian descent and of all categories are  shining in almost all the fields.  Their fame and successes are many times ignored by the same main press rather busy at showing the apparent demise of the first black republic of the world.

Therefore, one of my goals in this blog is to show another face of Haiti whose children are doing marvelous things throughout the world. Today, I'm going to report on two young men who are successfully doing their things for the good of all of us: 

The first is Samuel Dalembert. This is what Wikipédia says about him:

"Samuel Dalembert (born May 10, 1981) is a professional basketball player who plays center with the NBA's Philadelphia 76ers. "Sammy" as he is commonly refered to as, was born in Port-Au-Prince Haiti. He started playing hoops in Montreal and played his college ball at Seton Hall. Dalembert is considered the best player to ever come out of Haiti.

Samuel Dalembert is currently the starting center for the Philadelphia 76ers. He is a consistent double-double achiever and averages 3 blocks per game - ranking him one of the leagues elite shot blockers.

He missed the entire 2003-2004 season due to injuries.

It is also worth noting that Dalembert is a clutch free throw shooter — despite his low season free throw percentage — as demonstrated in the January 13th game against the Boston Celtics when he hit all eight attempts in the Sixers' 125-124 win.

Samuel is now a Canadian citizen and intends to play for Canada in 2007 for the Olympics."

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akasang46 said...

Cela fait longtemps que j'ai pas eu l'occasion de lire le blog, vu que j'etais malade.
Je me suis remis completement grace à Dieu... Mon Cher Yap991, compliments pour tout ce que tu a ecris dnas ce journal qui devient meilleur a mesure que les jours passent.  J'aime bien particulierement le focus sur les jeunes haitien-americains.  Nous le meritons de temps en temps face à cette presse "maspinatè".
Pou zafè lame ou ekkri an, mon chè, mwen lave men lan keksyon sa a.

Akasan kab di tout mounn orevwa..